Wattle Farm Storm Water Pond Upgrade

March 8, 2012 @ 3:03 am

TWC started works on the Wattle Farm Storm Water Pond Improvement Project for Auckland Council in January 2012. The design was to remove 7000 tonnes of contaminated sludge that had built up over 20 years of storm water flow into the pond system. The existing pond was separated by installing 150m of Geo Design Barrier across the works area. The water within the construction site was then pumped back over the barriers which created suction on the membrane creating the seal.

7000 tonnes of material was removed from site, making way for 2000m3 of imported clay fill to form the new forebay bund and fingers. 1800m3 of gabion rock was spread over the bunds to complete the earthworks component of the project. Works are programmed to be completed towards the end of May with a new 3.0m culvert to be installed to divert the stream flow into the new forebay, and a 150m new access road to allow planed maintenance of the new system.

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