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Our Work Crews consist of a permanent staff of 25 employees, supplemented by contract staff where required.

We undertake drug testing of all employees at Troy Wheeler Contracting to ensure that we maintain a safe and focused work environment.

At TWC we encourage all employees to be involved in Quality Assurance, have pride in workmanship and commitment to Quality by making process improvement a part of every job through the use of team participation and measurement.

At Troy Wheeler Contracting, we are committed to providing appropriate induction and training for all of our employees. All new employees are given an induction and safety course. Other training includes:

  • First Aid courses
  • STMS Level 1
  • Stay Safe Passport
  • Hazard identification
  • Accident reporting
  • Preparing for emergencies
  • Safe working in confined spaces

Managing Director: Troy Wheeler

Troy has 25 years experience in the Civil Construction industry. As founder and Director of Troy Wheeler Contracting he has overseen and managed a range of diverse projects throughout his career. Troy applies his practical knowledge to the supervision of site personnel, programming, planning, administration of contract works and liaison with key stakeholders. Troy is keenly involved in the management of all aspects of the business.

Operations Manager: Matt Bradbury (dip Civil)

Matt joined TWC in August 2010 as Operations Manager with 15 years experience in the Auckland civil contraction market.  Matt’s involvement further expands the diverse range of projects TWC tender on and price to clients.  Matt manages the day to day running and forward work program for TWC, while pricing and serving existing contracts. Matt’s knowledge of both the civil market and contract compliance aspects have been pivotal in TWC achieving TQS1:2003, AT pre qual level B, increasing the NZTA pre qual from D to C, and working with Briar Wheeler to achieve ACC Tertiary level certification


The plant and equipment owned by Troy Wheeler Contracting is continually being updated and added to, because of this we operate a modern fleet of plant and equipment that professionally serves the clients we work for.  At TWC we will also make job specific plant items as we are continually looking to minimise costs, reduce program, and making tasks safer and more efficient for our staff and clients.

Underground Services Locator

An addition to our plant has been a air vacuum underground services locator. It was purchased and imported in 2009 specifically for our contract work on larger projects.

This leading-edge equipment enables us to locate services precisely, quickly, and with a 100% guarantee of no damage to the services. It has proved extremely effective when excavation is needed in sites where there are no records (or records are inaccurate) of below-ground services.

It not only allows us to locate the services, but also pinpoints the depth, making subsequent excavation safer and significantly reducing time needed for excavation.

The equipment only uses air to excavate so the removed material is dry and able to be placed back into the excavation at the end. Unlike hydro excavation this method eliminates any environmental issues with slurry control, and additional imported material to fill the hole on completion when using hydro. You also save on tip fees and disposal costs. Air Ex is the safest, cleanest, and cheapest method. If your thinking Hydro, you should be thinking Airex!