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Guard Rail - Troy Wheeler Contracting

Guardrail Design & Install

Guardrail or road safety barrier systems comprise of a combination of the following components:

  • Roadside and/or Median Barriers
  • Bridge Barriers
  • Crash Cushions and/or End Terminals
  • Barrier Transitions
  • Concrete Barriers
TWC  installs the above types of guardrail safety systems for NZTA and local government throughout the North Island roading network.  TWC has developed a reputation as a market leader in the guardrail industry, and as a result currenlty holds five guardrail maintenace subcontracts in the upper North Island.
Retaining Wall - Troy Wheeler Contracting

Slip Retaining & Stabilisation

  • Insitu Concrete
  • Steel Solider Piles
  • Gabion Baskets & Mass Blocks
  • Timber Pole
  • Ground Anchor Systems
  • Slip Remedial and Clearance Works
TWC are specilists in retaining wall and slip repair works.  Our ability to mobilise our highly skilled crews at short notice ensures that any slips causing danger to the public are cleared or made safe within hours of notification. All excavators are fitted with hydraulic systems to run our range of augers, rock breakers, boom mounted plate compactors,  and our 20tonne Sheet Piler.
Roading Construction - Troy Wheeler Contracting

Earthworks, Drainage, & Roading Construction

Earthworks, drainage, and roading construction has a major role in daily operation of TWC.  The projects range from one lot house sites to area wide pavement treatments, and stormwater pond remediation projects.

Our modern fleet of construction machinery and skilled staff ensures our projects are completed on time and to the highest of standards for our clients.